Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch Lite Handheld Gaming Console

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Nintendo Switch Lite

Time to lighten up? The Nintendo Switch Lite fatless could be a nice, compact device for people who are not an acquaintance of (or merely ne’er use) the initial Switch’s docked mode. the look is easier for transportable recreation than the Switch whereas speech acts as an equivalent performance.


Lighter and smaller

More transportable

Nice choice of colors

Comfortable style


Limited to hand-held games

Still not as snug as 3DS

Since its unleash in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been raking in cash for the House of Mario – however 2 years on, in classic Nintendo fashion, the corporate determined to vary things up and supply a compact various to the hybrid console: the Nintendo Switch fatless.

The Switch fatless is that the smaller, lighter relative of the Nintendo Switch, going in the shoes of the Nintendo 3DS as Nintendo’s hand-held dedicated device.

If you are somebody WHO enjoys the pliability of taking part in the turn-on either the TV or as a hand-held, then directly the Switch fatless is not for you – docked isn’t a choice here.

But, if you discover yourself entirely victimization the hybrid console’s hand-held mode, or realize the Switch a touch ungainly for on-the-go recreation, then the Switch fatless might be the light-weight various for you. But, like any new device, there square measure some professionals and cons you must weigh up before creating the switch to the Nintendo Switch fatless.


The major distinction between the Nintendo Switch fatless and also the original Nintendo Switch is that the Switch fatless is entirely a hand-held device. Therefore, the Switch fatless is way additional compact, and lighter, than its precursor.

The Switch fatless measures ninety-one. 1mm x 208mm x thirteen.9mm and weighs 275g, compared to the 102mm x 239mm x thirteen.9mm dimensions and 297g weight of the first Switch. this implies the device comes with a smaller alphanumeric display bit screen too, the measure simply five.5 inches however still providing 1280 x 720 pixels.

In different words, it is a smaller screen than the first Switch’s vi.2 inches, however with an equivalent resolution – thus you are not losing something in terms of image quality. In fact, this provides the Switch fatless a density of 267 pixels per in. (PPI), a touch cheater than the first Switch’s 236 PPI.

However, the trade-off is that it will generally be troublesome to scan little in-game writing on the smaller screen. We tend to found ourselves having to carry the console nearer to our face to scan some text. It is a little issue, however slightly odd for onlookers on a morning commute.

But wherever the Switch fatless really shines is that it feels softer as a hand-held device. Because of its smaller size, it’s additional transportable and convenient to use on the go than the initial Switch: you wish for less position, and it might most likely slot in quite a massive pocket.

As somebody with little hands, this author is aware that the initial Switch will be uncomfortable to use in hand-held mode; whereas comparatively compact, it’s still massive by hand-held standards. Against this, the fatless is significantly additional transportable and fits snugly in your hands. However, it’s still quite wide and does not feel quite as snug as, say, the 3DS did.

In addition, the Switch light comes with integrated controls instead of Joy-Cons. whereas you’ll connect up to four separate Joy-Cons wirelessly, you will not get an extra combine out of the box with the light.

Despite the controllers being mounted, they provide principally similar buttons because the original Switch – except the left, right, up, down buttons-is replaced by a D-Pad, or and management Pad, as Nintendo calls it.

The D-Pad replacement feels natural like it is often been there – and is definitely additionally suited to hand-held play.

The ZL and zirconium triggers feel the proper size and facilitate cement that cozy work. However, the L and R buttons area unit a touch agent than on the initial Switch. Arguably a touch too skinny, as we tend to typically found our fingers slippery off them.

Both models additionally leave the wireless property, Bluetooth (though not for wireless headphones), and also the use of Micro SD cards to extend the 32GB of internal storage, thus you are not very losing out on several options apart from docked mode – which implies no enjoying on the TV.

Due to the Switch light solely being a hand-held device, the console does not keep company with a dock, HDMI cable, or kickstand. All you get within the box is that the device itself and a charger – easy. The Switch light is not meant to attach to a TV – and whereas we tend to test it out with our own HDMI cable anyway, the console merely does not support the feature.

The Switch light additionally comes in turquoise, gray, and yellow models – shaking up the grey and inert gas Switch models we’ve been eyeballing for the past 2 years.

Nintendo Switch Lite: performance

The Nintendo Switch fat-free has primarily an equivalent performance because the Switch, except that the fat-free contains a slightly longer battery lifetime of 3-7 hours, concerning half-hour over the initial Switch, and 1-2 hours but the upgraded Switch model getting into stores (although Nintendo warns that this relies on the games you play).

However, it’s positively valuable noting that the Switch fat-free doesn’t associate with HD Rumble or associate IR Motion Camera. The device is created to exclusively play hand-held games, and can thus solely play Nintendo Switch games that support hand-held mode.

That’s to not say you cannot play games that do not support hand-held mode, however, you’d have to be compelled to wirelessly connect Joy-Cons for this to figure (and purchase them and their charging grip separately). We tend to found that connecting Joy-Cons permits you to use HD Rumble.

At an active preview event, a Nintendo representative explained that the console is going to be compatible with additional devices than simply the Joy-Cons, however, what specifically wouldn’t be discovered till a later date.

The following games square measure unsuitable for the Switch Lite: 1-2 Switch, Super Mario Party, and Nintendo Labo accent kits. whereas games that need Rumble may be competing with Joy-Cons connected, we tend to found that attempting to play with over one person on the Lite’s little screen is not specifically sensible – therefore we tend to would not advise attempting to require on party games because the device wasn’t engineered for this.

Despite missing these 2 options, the Switch fatless still has an Associate in Nursing measuring instrument, gyroscope, and brightness device. Meaning that you just will still use gyro controls in games like Breath of the Wild – tilting the console to aim the bow as an example – and also the screen’s brightness adjusts reckoning on your encompassing.

The wireless online play still means that able to} play with friends (just not essentially couch co-op) as we tend to were able to play Mario Kart eight Deluxe online with ease. If something, all the games we tend to compete felt less gawky because of the compact nature of the device.

The Nintendo Switch Lite fatless is an excellent console for those who like snug hand-held gambling and haven’t been sold out by the Nintendo Switch’s docked mode.

The compact and lighter device feels significantly higher than its forerunner and is way less gawky. Once it involves moveable gambling, the Switch fatless is simpler to move, takes up less elbow area on commutes, and fits in your hands rather more snugly. However, it is not quite as snug because of the 3DS, packing within the same performance because the Switch means that we will let that slide.

However, anyone puzzling over finding out the Nintendo Switch Lite fatless must specialize in the very fact that it’s supposed to specialize in solo, moveable play, and also the range of games that square measure compatible with the device is slightly but the first Switch. It’s not merely a smaller Switch model

But if you are looking for a more leisurely, lighter, and overall better-looking hand-held device (and a spread of stylish colors), and do not significantly care regarding losing the few games we’ve listed, then the Switch fatless is probably going for you.

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