Models of Tesla: Roadster, IPO, Model S,x,y,3 and price

Models of Tesla: Roadster, IPO, Model S,x,y,3 and price

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Tesla Models :Roadster

The founders of Tesla along with Elon Musk and the others invented an open two seat car with emphasis on sporting appearance or character named as “Roadster”. It is also known as spider or spyder. “Roadster” was invented since the company had a strategy to start with a premium sports car aimed at early adopters and then move into more mainstream vehicles, including sedans and affordable compacts. With all the investments done, prototypes of Tesla’s first car “Roadster” were officially revealed to the public on the 6th of July in 2006 in California. Tesla Models ,

The roadster was also a style of racing car driven in United States Auto Club (USAC) Championship Racing in the 1950s and 1960s. This racing car type was superseded by rear-mid-engine cars. Tesla began the production of the Roadster in 2008. By January 2009, Tesla had raised $187 million and delivered 147 cars.

IPO, Model S, and Model X

Tesla purchased the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California from Toyota in May 2010 and started the production of the Model S in October 2010. After purchasing the Tesla Factory, the next month on June 29, 2010, the Tesla Motors launched its initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ, the first American car company to do since the Ford Motor Company had its IPO in 1956. In January 2012, Tesla ceased the production of the Roadster, and in the same year, on the month of June Tesla released its’ second car which is the “ModelS” luxury sedan.

The Tesla ModelS is an all-electric five door lift back sedan. This incredible model won so many automotive awards during the years of 2012 and 2013. It also won the Motor Trend Car of the year and it also became the first electric car to top the monthly sales ranking of a country. Model S was also the best-selling plug in electric car worldwide for the years 2015 and 2016.

Tesla then launched its’ third model which is the luxury SUV Model X in September 2015. The luxury Model X is a mid-sized electric vehicle.

Tesla Models : SolarCity and Model 3

Tesla Motors wanted to enter the solar generation market so in November 2016, the Tesla Motors acquired SolarCity and entered the solar generation market. They entered into the solar generation market because Tesla wanted to form the Tesla Energy subsidiary with Tesla’s existing battery energy storage products division.

In February 2017, Tesla Motors changed their name into Tesla Inc in order to reflect the scope of its expanded business, which now includes electric vehicles, battery energy storage systems and solar power generation.

In July 2017, Tesla started selling its fourth vehicle model which is the Model 3 sedan and it was released to the market cheaper than the other Tesla vehicles. Model 3 sedan is an electric compact four door model which delivers an EPA-rated all electric range of 263 miles and the long range versions deliver 353 miles.

Models of Tesla: Roadster, IPO, Model S,x,y,3 and price
Models of Tesla: Roadster, IPO, Model S,x,y,3 and price

Tesla Models of TeslaModels : Model Y crossover

Tesla began to deliver its’ fifth vehicle model, the Model Y crossover on the month of March in 2020. It is a fully electric vehicle, mid-size SUV with seating up to seven, dual motor AWD and unparalleled protection. 

According to the details, as of June 2021, Tesla offers four car models and they are the ModelS, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y and its first model “Roadster” is no longer sold.

Tesla also has plans for a second-generation roadster, a semi and a pickup called the Cybertruck which will be released to the market in the future.

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