Google Earth time-lapse app

Google Earth time-lapse app

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In 2013 the google launched an awesome standalone tool called Google earth time-lapse which could show you how that any location would be changed in the past few decades with an amazing animation creation done by using all the scanned satellite images. At now the google has developed this amazing application, even more, contain data and more successfully. And the other thing is this Google earth time-lapse bring to the google map itself. you can get an experience with 4D animations how the landscapes have been changed in the past 37 years. Beyond that, Google has created a themed collection of time-lapse as well as over 800 pre-rendered time-lapse videos. not only for students but also the people who interested in this subject can see the changes that occurred including forests, agriculture, mining, urban growth, global warming, and more. 

How to use this tool

You can browse the link or simply in the google maps app. Click on the voyager button in the toolbar on the left. The go-to the google time laps bar and search the place where you want to see the changes that happen in the past 37 years. After that, you can see the satellite imaginary animation video of changes that happen in the location from 1984 to the present.

What do you see from the Google Maps time laps?

In this tool, there is an option called the “stories” tab. This tab can be used to watch guided tours that will take you to locations around the world where you can explore the changes through time-lapse. From this, we can see changing forests, fragile beauty sources of energy

Another option that we can see is the “featured locations” tab this tab can be used to watch and explore hand pic selected locations from the titles regarding agriculture, deforestation glacier, and more. 

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