Apple iPhone 13: Upcoming iPhone in 2021

Apple iPhone 13: Upcoming iPhone in 2021

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Apple iPhone, Is one of the expensive smartphones today. Design and created by Apple Inc. The first generation iPhone release on January 9, 2007. From 2007 to 2021 Apple released several iPhones with several Generations. Apple’s iPhone running on iOS and annually release new iPhone Modeles and iOS updates by Apple inc. This is a brief description of the iPhone and its History. Let’s go to our topic.

At the end of this year (2021) they going to release their new iPhone 13. And Now let’s see some deep information about this new device and what are the specifications.

iPhone 13 release date

First thing first, everyone’s first looking for when is release this new device? what is the exact release date? If like previous years, they will release the new iPhone 13 in September 2021. But iPhone 12 released in October. The reason for this matter is the coronavirus pandemic situation.

Now in 2021, we can assume they launching the new device like previous years and it can 95% positively happens in September.


Another problem is iPhone fans have, How about Specs in this new iPhone? First, we can get an idea of how about iPhone 13’s design. It completely looks like Apple’s most famous iPhone Design which is the iPhone 5. What? Why Apple use the old iPhone 5 Design to iPhone 13?

I think the reason for this, Apple’s most famous device is the Apple iPhone 5. And iPhone 5 is released in the 2009 year. Goes some years but, some people are still today use iPhone 5. They still today like it. And now They going, to give the best option for iPhone Lovers in 2021.

Let’s look at hardware specifications in this device.

Display and Camera

We can guess this new device also comes with some different editions. Like iPhone 12/11 max and pro editions. The display and camera are the same as the previous iPhone 12 version. But sometimes that can changes, With some of the little improvement of software and hardware options.

News from some technology-based webs and geek fans tells, This new device comes with a high refresh rate of new Display and comes with the big improvement of battery.


Unlike previous iPhone Device prices, The new iPhone 13 devices company drops its prices. The price of the new iPhone 13 starts at $699 USD.

iPhone 13 Other Specs

New Apple iPhone 13 devices support 5G network technology and the latest WIFI technology. The special thing is Apple’s again includes a lightning charging port to iPhone 13. The new iPhone supports both charging with a lightning port and wireless charging.

In 2021 Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference will start next July, Keep in touch WWDC is the best option to get an exact idea about how about iPhone 13. Keep in touch with techspectro to get the latest tech news.

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    […] Apple iPhone 13: Upcoming iPhone in 2021 […]

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    […] Apple iPhone 13: Upcoming iPhone in 2021 […]

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